Brand Photography! What Is It? Why Is It Important?

January 13, 2023

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How can brand photography help your business thrive? Right here, right now, I’m dishing out all the juicy details of why brand photography is a MUST-HAVE investment for your business!

Brand Photography

What is Brand Photography?

Headshots typically come to mind when people hear the term brand photography. While headshots are a part of brand photography… it’s SO much more! Brand photography gives an inside look into your business. It gives your audience a way to connect and relate to your brand. Stock photos are fine and dandy, but having a series of professional photos unique to your business for use at any time not only makes things a lot easier for you, it really allows your brand to stand out. You will be able to use these photos for various things over time. 

Stand Out from Others in Your Industry 

You are Unique, so flaunt it! There is ONE you! How incredible is that? No one can do things quite as you can. Now is the time to embrace your uniqueness and set yourself apart from others in your industry. Anyone can grab a handful of stock photos for a blog or Instagram post, but why look like every other brand when, let’s face it, YOU ARE NOT! You’re YOU; let that shine! 

Brand Photography is the way to do it. Work it! Anyone can scroll through a Google search trying to find a product or service they need. But let me tell you, branding your business and standing out will get those prospective clients booking with you! Your business may be similar to many others in your area but having a brand that stands out among the rest makes a huge difference in the success of your business.

Make a Memorable First Impression 

Your client’s first experience with you and your business is like a first date. They don’t know much about you, but enough to be interested. Get dolled up and blow them away! Make an impression with personalized brand photos that show who you and your brand are. You will stand out so that they can’t get you out of their head. Just like a perfect first date, they will leave wanting to spend more time together. Show off what makes your business different from the rest, so you become your client’s last first date! Hello long-term commitment! 

More than a Headshot

Headshots are great, and you need to have a few on hand for when the time is right. But now is your chance to get CREATIVE! Don’t be so serious! With good brand photography, you can show emotion and what it’s like to work with your business. Brand photography shines a light on your personality. Have fun with it, be playful and exciting. Choose poses and props that can be used among various topics so one picture can serve many purposes. These photos don’t have to only be pictures of you. In fact, they NEED to encompass your business as a whole. You can expand your photo collection to debut your products, interests, workspace, and other team members. 

Ideas for photos might include:

  • A few professional headshots
  • Pictures of you working in your workspace, whether an office, living room, home office, or coffee shop.
  • What your brand is selling. Think this one through. Sell the whole experience!
  • Include all the personalized details and stand out. 
  • Photos of your client’s experiences. Include yourself in these photos. Have fun with it!

Builds Brand Awareness

Think of it this way. You see a pink-striped shopping bag with black accents, and you immediately think of Victoria’s Secret without seeing a logo. You hear the words “Just Do It,” and you think of that famous swoosh symbol Nike has branded, even when no one was talking about Nike. A simple silver apple with a tiny bite out of the side makes you think of what…yep! Have anything to do with that little phone you’re holding or watch you’re wearing? Thought so! This is brand awareness! Your goal should be to make your brand stand out so that others immediately know you. Brand photos will help you achieve that. 

Ditch the Stock Photos for Good!

No one likes a break-up. But, it’s about dang time! Wave goodbye to those stock photos you’ve been using and don’t look back because your brand is ready for a full-fledged makeover! While stock photos have come in handy, they are pretty generic. Nothing unique about an old-fashioned stock photo. Seriously, how many memes have you seen that involve stock photos? We have to admit they can be pretty cheezy. Stock photos don’t give your brand the justice it deserves. Your client can only connect with you if they have a sense of who you are and what you have to offer them. They need to experience the experience you have to offer, and that cannot be done with stock photos. 

Stay Legit, or You’ll Be Forced to Quit (Let’s talk legal!)

Brand photos give you the freedom to OWN your pictures. There are many legal things to think about when using stock photos. You have to make sure you pay for the rights; you’re not using images that are not allowed to be shared, you are giving the proper credit to the right places, the list goes on and on! But with brand photos, you own your pictures. You don’t have to think twice about using them. They are yours, ALL yours! 


The only way to get your brand out there is to use it everywhere. Any and all online content! The more your targeted audience is exposed to your brand, the more aware of your brand they will be. So, where exactly can you use brand photography? What will get you the most exposure?

  • Social media is where it’s at! People spend most of their spare time (and sometimes not so spare time) on social media. Use this to your advantage!
    • Social media profile pics
    • Instagram photos
    • Instagram stories and reels
    • TikTok 
    • Any social media post
  • Your website (pro-tip! Link your website in social media posts as much as you can to get more traffic and keep your audiences attention)
    • The about page of your website
    • Blog posts
    • Team page of your website
    • Website photo gallery
    • The contact page of the website
  • Emails
    • Your email signature 
    • Newsletters you send
    • Emails to booked clients
    • Confirmation emails
  • Business Cards
  • Paid Ads
    • Local brochures 
    • Magazines
    • Online ads

We know you’re unique, and your brand is too! Now is the time to stand out and get noticed. Brand photography is one of the best ways to do it! Connect with dream clients and keep them coming back for more!

Now that you see brand photography is a must for your business, it’s time to get booked! Click here to book your session now!

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